This is group project in St Petersburg (RU) in cooperation with the local State Polytechnic.
The group was composed of meJohn Routledge, Charlie Tan and Nick Blanks
We investigated about the problems of the city from an architectural point of view.
Our research on the field ended up to suggest us to focus on the enormous number of derelict buildings present in the centre of the city. These buildings, that are nowadays completely abandoned and non used, could represent a big resource for:

- people that would live in the center or that would transfer there their own activities;

- for the owners of those buildings that often don't have enough economical resources;

- for a restoration and who want create temporary events in order to revaluate these places.

This super quick removable reusable modular pavement support represent the solution for a solid set-up for every pavement surface condition.
We chosen a solution for the pavement because after several interviews we realized that is the most expensive thing to renovate.