A set of kitchen objects made out of bio-plastic and tomato peel waste coming from repurposed lands in Sicily where tomatoes are planted to produce tomato sauce 🍅.

This vegetable, typically used in the Italian cuisine, comes back to the dining table thanks to the design of Pensiero Materia. Every object of the set comes from an Italian supply chain, being natural and recyclable, coming back to life thanks to 3D printing. In order to balance the impact of the production the new 4.0 fast prototyping/production techniques as 3D printing have been mixed with one of the oldest manufacturing practise: hand moulding and air drying. the biggest part of the serving dish is made of clay made out reused bricks waste. The result is a 100% sustainable mouldable mix of waste materials produced with a low impact.

Project developed for PensieroMateria.

Material provider: Kanesis

Makers: MrkLab, Bilcotech