silk double-top classical guitar

This project is the result of the fruitful collaboration with the master luthier Roberto Esposito Sansone.

The guitar body is made out of rosewood, the keyboard is in ebony and the neck is in cedar wood screwed to the body through a designed mechanism that allows to regulate the action and to finely optimise the sound.
The totally innovative approach stays in the construction of the double-top soundboard: composed of different specifically designed silk fabric layers (in moire style to give the visual effect of wood) with different weaving typologies which are able to give controlled rigidity once impregnated in the bio-resin composite. Between the different silk layers there is a tailor made honeycomb structure that helps to increase the rigidity and to reduce the overall weight.

silk classical guitar_detail.jpg

Thanks to the use of the silk composite, less rigid than carbon fibre (commonly used in most of the composite made instruments), it is possible to preserve a warm timbre close to pine wood. Moreover, being silk extremely light, we obtained astonishing expressivity and dynamic possibilities as well as a very remarkable sound projection making this instrument something unique and very different from the other double-top made guitars that tend to have a cold and fix timbre.
Another advantage of using silk stays in its inner physical properties: silk has a low inner viscous friction given by its particularly smooth fibres. Thanks to this the vibrations run through the silk fibres (crystallised in the composite) without dissipating in heat and giving back the vibrations in its whole texture. This allows to preserve most of the harmonics giving a unique sound richness.

Silk Classical Guitar copy.jpg

The player feels immediately the reactivity and the playability given by this material (silk + bio-resin) that finally fills the gap between the warm/rich texture of the traditionally made instruments and the high volume/clear tone of the modern double-top guitars.
We focused in building a guitar that leaves to the player all the space he/she needs for his/her own expression as well as a very competitive high volume projection.