This is the first violin made out of silk.
It is made out of different layers of silk in differently woven structures that imitate the structure of a traditional wooden violin.
This prototype has been with a new technological approach that has been patented in June 2016. This allows the exploitation of acoustic properties of materials as it has never been done before. Silk, for example, was found to be a highly acoustically performing material.

One of the early prototypes realised contains three 35cm long spider silk strands spun out by an Australian golden orb weaver spider donated by Oxford Silk Group (OXFORD UNIVERSITY).
This spider silk is 5 times stronger than steel and in the meantime it is extremely elastic being one of the strongest biomaterials in the world.
The principle behind this experiment is that once that these fibers work using their tensile strength they can increase the rigidity of a composite material with a minimum addiction of weight.
The result from an acoustic point of view has been defined as a "miracle" by some luthiers.

Here one of our violins played at La Triennale (Milan 2018) together with one of the best preserved Stradivarious violins: the “Omobono“ (c. 1730).