Luca Alessandrini is an innovation design engineer and entrepreneur.


Luca Alessandrini grows up immersed in the world of design and entrepreneurship thanks to his family company, Stilema. Intrigued by innovative disruptive processes and ideas generation, in 2014 Luca moves to London to join the double master in Innovation Design Engineering between Royal College of Art and Imperial College. The same year Luca patents a revolutionary approach to exploit the acoustic properties of composite materials. With the use of this technology, he designs some violins and speakers made with silk and spider silk obtaining international recognition - he won the International Student Innovation Award 2016, the International Violin award in 2017 and has been awarded with the third prize for the national guitar making contest Dalla Natural al Suono. Luca is currently working for/in his startup, Fibreacoustics, dealing with materials and acoustics R&D implementing new musical instruments prototypes, speakers, environmental acoustics components and consulting brands like Bulgari and iGuzzini.



In November 2016, Luca won the International Student Innovation Award 2016 from London&Partners and the London's Mayor Sadiq Khan. The award included a 10k research grant.

In May 2017, Luca was awarded for the his innovation with the international violin prize Andrea Postacchini.

In April 2018, a musical instruments designed by Luca was with the third prize for the national guitar making contest Dalla Natural al Suono.

In October 2018 the project Oxygen was awarded as Most Innovative Urban Planners 2018 - Netherlands & Best Dutch Installation.

In April 2019, Luca was awarded as a member of SEVEN for the FUTURE being mentioned as one of the most promising young designers in Italy of 2018 by ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST magazine.

In May 2019, Luca was awarded receiving the international recognitionA.N.L.A.I. AWARD” for "researching new acoustic materials in the field of luthery".